Seattle Pinball Museum

When it comes to destinations brimming over with unexpected finds and fun, there’s no place better to set your vacation sights than the city of Seattle, Washington. First-time visitors here are often thrilled by the fantastic dynamic that’s set between outdoor beauty and cityscape adventures while annual visitors that come this way do so for exactly the same reason. Whether you’re one for kayaking the waterways, climbing mountains or making the most of art galleries, Seattle has a little bit of it all. When you’re in the mood for a stop that’s surely one of a kind, head over to the Seattle Pinball Museum and access your inner child for a day of exploration that’s sure to be akin to a trip down memory lane.

Dedicated to Childlike Wonder

The Seattle Pinball Museum is as magical as it sounds, particularly for those with a heart for the arcade, and is located at 508 Maynard Avenue S. and is open to the public Sunday, Monday and Thursday between noon and 6:00 pm with extended hours until 8:00 pm on Fridays and Saturdays. Tickets to enjoy the museum run between $15 for children and $18 per adult, but are well worth the price to those collectors and game enthusiasts who are looking to take a step back in time. The Seattle Pinball Museum was first opened in the city in 2010 with the dual purpose of inspiring local and visiting collectors as well as creating an art display that would be as vintage as it was interactive. Since it’s opening, the museum has continued to collect new and old games alike, and now hosts games dating back to 1934 and includes modern marvels as well much to the delight of visitors. Because the game list continues to grow, a live list is kept on the museum’s website for those guests who are excited to see anything specific. From 1979’s Space Invaders to The Lord of the Rings circa 2003, the Seattle Pinball Museum has a little bit of everything anyone could want to encounter.

Beyond the Collection

While this museum is always an exciting stop to see the revolution of pinball machines, it’s also a certified distributor of games for those looking to collect independently. For more information on purchasing a factory authorized pinball machine the staff can be contacted by emailing

Taking Time to Enjoy Seattle

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