Seattle Seaplanes – Seaplane Rides in Seattle

From the mountains and forests to the spectacular waterways and downtown skyline, a trip to Seattle, Washington is sure to come with some incredible views. While the options to make the most of the dynamic terrain on the ground, either hiking through the parks or enjoying time in the city on foot is sure to be inspiring, there’s no reason not to give your trip this direction a new perspective. When you’re looking for a sky-high experience that comes with something new, be sure to book a Seattle seaplane tour with the professionals at Seattle Seaplanes while you’re in town.

Customized Sightseeing Options

Seattle Seaplanes is headquartered at 1325 Fairview Avenue East and provides visitors to Seattle with the opportunity to see more than 31 miles of the beautiful Pacific Northwest from above in only 20 minutes time. Seattle Seaplanes has been a safe and recognized company in the area for more than 30 years and has been owned and operated by pilot Jim Chrysler for more than 15 years. With over 20,000 hours of flying time and water landings to his name, Jim is committed to spreading his passion for flight in and around Seattle to visitors and locals alike. In addition to sightseeing seaplane rides in Seattle, Seattle Seaplanes is also a popular choice for those who are new to flying and are working towards a license. Seattle Seaplanes provides comprehensive training programs for those individuals working towards that goal that will be in the Seattle area for an extended period of time.

What to Expect From a Seattle Seaplane Tour

When it comes to an amazing experience with Seattle Seaplanes, personalized options are key to success. Guests will be able to pick and choose between experiences that include the traditional 20-minute sightseeing flight, extended flights, dinner flights, private charters to nearby islands and even flights that focus on the romance. Those that book the traditional Seattle seaplane tour will encounter views of everything from Ballard Locks and The Space Needle to the downtown Seattle skyline and more. Private chartered flights have the flexibility to transport guests from Seattle to Mt. Rainier, The San Juan Islands, Victoria and beyond. When you book sightseeing seaplane rides in Seattle with Seattle Seaplanes, you can expect a friendly narrative, amazing views and options to change things up as you go upon request. For more information on pricing or to reserve your flight be sure to call 206-329-9638 in advance.

Savor the Stay

Whether you’re in town to enjoy the best of Seattle from the land or sky, a stay in a property booked with Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals is sure to please and inspire. Contact us today for more information and to begin planning your next trip.

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