Myrtle Edwards Park

Travelers from near and far have their eyes set on Seattle, Washington in the name of a vibrant cityscape, delicious dining and of course, opportunities to take in the incredible views. While the city is often a bustling and busy place full of fun and activity, the city of Seattle has put a great deal of emphasis on incorporating parks into the urban landscape as well. It is often the intrigue of this city that shoulders right up to beautiful waterways and mountains that beckons visitors to come and explore. What better way to capture the essence of Seattle’s urban and natural balance than a trip to a stunning park while you’re here? When you’re in the process of creating that must-see list, be sure to add Myrtle Edwards Park towards the top.

A Peaceful Place to Play

You don’t have to travel far from the city center to enjoy the beautiful views and peaceful ambiance Myrtle Edwards Park provides. This park hugs the shoreline of Elliot Bay meaning visitors are immediately offered up amazing and nearly unobstructed views of the Puget Sound, Mt. Rainier and the Olympic Mountains. When you’re visiting for a leisurely afternoon of views, enjoy meandering along the sandy shore or rest in the grass listening to the sound of the water. The park is complete with several benches along the paved paths and makes for a wonderful destination when you’re planning a family picnic.

There’s an artistic edge to this park that is well-appreciated by visitors and locals alike. Enjoy the strategically placed boulders that act as observation points as well as works made to be admired. Uniquely styled bridges give pedestrians a place to walk that eventually ends up at beautiful observation points. Those that are more in the mood to use the park for athletic reasons will appreciate the 1.25-mile bike and walking path that’s perfectly situated for exercising with an endless view available. Myrtle Edwards Park is easily accessible from downtown by public transportation, making it a true natural oasis in the heart of Seattle.

Myrtle Edwards Park Seattle

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