Mt. St. Helens

169 miles from Seattle

The urban appeal of the city of Seattle, Washington has long drawn visitors to this Pacific Northwest destination in search of inspiration, flavor, and fun. From art galleries to historic landmarks, shows, restaurants, and shops to trips up the Space Needle, there’s no place quite like Seattle when it comes to vacation inspiration. While the city itself is sure to please, there’s something spectacular about the nature that surrounds this area as well. Mountains, forest and sea have a way of providing the perfect contrast to a glittering skyline and beckon visitors to enjoy the great outdoors in equal parts to city-based adventures. While Mt. Rainier has made it’s visual mark on the Seattle landscape, just a bit further south, Mt. St. Helens has an explosive reputation that continues to captivate the minds and imaginations of travelers to Seattle as well.

A Volatile Past, an Intriguing Present

As an active stratovolcano, Mt. St. Helens is an iconic landmark within the Cascade Range. Sitting a mere 96 miles from Seattle, this mountain is notorious for its 1980 explosion that destroyed over 230 square miles of the surrounding forest. The volcano once again made itself known with an eruption in July of 2008. Despite its aggressive past, Mt. St. Helens is a natural landmark that welcomes guests to come and explore at will.

The Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic Monument is a year-round destination for visitors and provides fun and entertainment no matter what your interest or passion. Ski enthusiasts find this destination delightful during the winter months while those that are here in summer and spring can make the most of a variety of trails that accommodate explorers arriving by car or on foot. Mt. St. Helens is home to several park and monument rangers that lead guided summer walking and hiking tours as well as presentations that highlight volcano specifics at the park’s amphitheater. Of all the hiking and exploring destinations, the volcano’s crater rim is by far the most popular for those looking for a thrill. It should be noted that those who plan on exploring any area above 4,800 feet in elevation will need to acquire a permit to do so.

Mt St Helens Washington

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