Mt. Rainier

64 miles from Seattle

Between the many museums, art galleries, historical points of interest and fine-dining establishments, it’s not hard to see why Seattle, Washington is a place that has captured the interest of travelers from near and far. While the urban wonders are vast and versatile, it may be the natural beauty that surrounds this city that is just as intriguing. One of the most dominant features of the natural Seattle skyline is by far Mt. Rainier. On a clear day, it stands out in impressive contrast to the lush green forests and glittering waterways for those that have ventured to the top of the Space Needle. It’s bold stature and captivating beauty have long made Mt. Rainier a landmark for visitors to Seattle.

A Towering Testament to Nature

Standing just over the 14,000-foot elevation mark, Mt. Rainier stands only 59 miles southeast of Seattle and is part of the larger Cascade Mountain Range. Today, this active stratovolcano is incorporated into the Mt. Rainier National Park, but the last known eruption was documented in 1894.

Planning a Visit

While Mt. Rainier can be viewed in splendor from the waterfront of Seattle, there’s something incredible about encountering this natural wonder up close. Whether you’re a visitor who plans to hike, bike or simply observe this landmark, visiting Mt. Rainier is worth the trek. When you arrive on a summer’s day, enjoy an afternoon spent in the heart of a temperate rainforest filled with waterfalls and wildlife waiting to be discovered. While many visitors make their way this direction in the autumn months to make the most of the changing leaves, Mt. Rainier and all of the National Park are transformed into a winter sports lover’s dream when the ski season is in full swing.

There are over 130 trails that lead up and around Mt. Rainier, giving guests plenty of options to customize their approach to a visit. Mt. Rainier National Park is also home to a train and wildlife park for more convenient ways to see all there is to observe. Guided tours can easily be arranged with park professionals while the Mt. Rainier Gondola makes it simple to soar to breathtaking heights that provide panoramic views of the mountain and surrounding terrain. Whether you love mountain-side disc golf, summit wine tastings or simply basking in the thrill of a mountain adventure, a trip to Mt. Rainier is made for you.

Mt Rainier Washington

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