LeMays Car Museum

The path to spending quality time with loved ones on vacation leads many travelers to Seattle, Washington. This incredible city is packed with potential for fun in the great outdoors as well as options for indulging in central city favorites. From restaurant hopping to whale watching, Seattle is a city built on versatility. Many travelers to this destination also love the fact that Seattle sits close to nearby cities where it doesn’t take much to take a step back in time. Visitors with a passion for America’s automotive past will quickly be captivated by a visit to LeMays Car Museum in nearby Tacoma during a visit.

Where History Comes to Life

Located at 2702 East D Street in Tacoma, Le Mans Car Museum is often considered America’s premier destination when it comes to the history of the automobile. For many visitors to this iconic museum, a visit speaks to more than an interest in cars but a passion for the history that the automobile invokes. Le Mans Car Museum has more than once held the title of USA Today’s top 10 museums in the Seattle area and has become a place for those with a heart for history to pay homage to the automobile industry in authentic style. The LeMays Seattle Car Museum is open from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm daily making it a convenient stop for guests of all ages.

What to Expect at this Seattle Car Museum

While the focus is on the story of automobiles, a trip to LeMays Car Museum is a fascinating experience in sprawling space. The Museum is designed within a facility that boasts more than 165,000 square feet of space dedicated to learning and exploration. From the Model T to the modern Cadillac, this museum is a place for guests to indulge in the many styles, technology and pastimes that define the automobile industry. Those visiting with little ones in tow will want to take time to let them enjoy the Learning Lab where they’ll have hands-on experience related to designing a car of their dreams. This museum also hosts a collection of motorcycles and regularly features guest speakers, special events and community programs. Whether you’re a car enthusiast or just intrigued by history, this is a Seattle car museum that’s worth visiting time and again.

Time to Enjoy Seattle

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