Hot Tub Boat Rentals

Seattle is a city of incredible sights, sounds, and innovative concepts. It’s a city that calls to travelers looking for that unique destination where you can browse a museum, make your way through an art gallery, climb a mountain and head out on the water all in the same day. For those who crave a new take on a traditional Seattle favorite, a Hot Tub Boat rental is a must-try when you’re in town. This fun and interesting design is a one-of-a-kind creation that was born in Seattle and continues to deliver up amazing experiences for locals and visitors alike.

A Pacific Northwest Necessity

Seattle is scenic, but it’s no secret that the frequent rain and chilly temperatures can take a toll on boating fun. As a remedy to this situation, the concept for a Hot Tub Boat rental was crafted by carried out by founder Adam Karpenske in 2011. By 2012, the business was up and running with the help of a team of design experts devoted to creating the most innovative vessel on the Seattle waterfront. Small but sturdy, these wooden boats come complete with hot tubs built in, making for a warm and comfortable ride whenever you decide to get out and explore the waters that surround the city.

Rent an Unforgettable Ride

A valid driver’s license is all that’s required to rent a hot tub boat from the company’s primary location at 1200 Westlake Avenue North on Lake Union. Feel free to book a vessel and head out even when its not ideal boating temperatures. With the heat cranked and the waves calm, you’ll enjoy a day on the water like never before. As you cruise by houseboats and the Seattle skyline with family and friends, it won’t matter that the sky is gray when you’re cozy in a customized hot tub. While some guests are happy to rent for the day, others fall in love with the concept for the long-term. For these individuals, hot tub boats are readily available for purchase. When Seattle is a place that beckons you year after year, consider this investment a strategic fight against the weather in the name of fun!

Hot Tub Boat Rentals In Seattle

Seattle is a city for those with a heart for the creative takes on outdoor adventures. When you’re here to head out on the water hot-tub style, let the experts at Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals take care of your accommodation bookings so you can focus on the fun. We’ll make sure you’re settled into a downtown property that comes with the amazing amenities you deserve and the luxury you crave. Contact us today for details and to begin making your Seattle dream trip a reality!

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