Hammering Man

Do you love giant outdoor sculptures? If so, you won’t want to miss Seattle’s famous Hammering Man, a kinetic masterpiece fronting the Seattle Art Museum less than half a mile from downtown. This 48-foot high, 26,000-pound wonder is a homage to the workers of the world, and has similar Hammering Man cousins in many other cities around the world. This unique things to do in Seattle a great way to start your trip to the Art Museum!

Working 20 Hours a Day

Hammering Man is made entirely of stainless steel and aluminum, and pounds his hammer four times every minute, all day long. This unique things to do in Seattle only takes a break from 1-5 am: he’s got to rest sometime! He’s worked that hammer every day since 1992, which means by now he’s swung that hammer over 40 million times. This masterwork was designed by sculptor Jonathan Borofsky and was meant to honor the hardworking laborers of the world on whose efforts our society depends.

More Fun Things to Do in Seattle WA at the Seattle Art Museum (SAM)

Truly a jewel of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle Art Museum contains a wide variety of artworks to educate and uplift even the most casual visitor. Their permanent collections include art from Africa, the Americas (both ancient and modern), Asia, Oceania, Europe, Aboriginal Australia, and the Muslim world. They also include sections devoted to contemporary art, and decorative & design arts. All in all, it’s a much more culturally inclusive art collection than many museums can boast!

As with many great museums, SAM offers an ever-changing palette of exhibitions, fun things to do in Seattle WA, and events throughout the year, so be sure to check their website in advance of your trip so you know what’s coming up soon. Their “menu” of tours also changes, but in general, you can expect to find in-depth tours that focus on a particular gallery, tours of special exhibitions, and “My Favorite Things” tours where local artists are invited to showcase the works they like best. There’s also a great option for sight-impaired visitors to experience the art in a different way: The Art Beyond Sight tour, which is offered on a monthly basis.

Is yours a family vacation? Never fear, SAM also offers plenty for children and teens to do. Check the website for upcoming family festivals, workshops, and more. Teen Night Out is a fun offering just for teens, featuring some of Seattle’s hottest DJs, live music performances, and art-making activities. It’s a great way to make sure your teen remembers the family vacation fondly!

Enjoy your visit to the Hammering Man and the Seattle Art Museum!  The Seattle Art Museum is located just a couple blocks from our Newmark Tower and Pike Place Market Vacation Rentals.  Stay there and be just a stone’s throw away!