Gas Works Park

The city of Seattle, Washington is loved by travelers from near and far for it’s many beautiful, exciting and endlessly intriguing features. From towering mountain peaks to glittering waterways, thrilling skyline to emerald hills, the city has perfected the balance between natural wonder and urban entertainment quite unlike any other place on the map. Where innovation and nature collide, Seattle comes to life in style and the public parks that dot this vast destination are no exception to the rule. Hitting up the many beautiful parks the city has to offer is well-worth your time when you’re here and often, an experience in transformation as parks have taken on new facades over time. One of the best examples of the city’s ability to change with the times comes in the form of Gas Works Park

A Story of Transformation

Located at 2101 N. Northlake Way, Gas Works Park sprawls over 20 acres of land that was formerly home to the Seattle Gas Light Company Plant. Nestled between Lake Union and Wallingford, the residents of Seattle have seen Gas Works Park emerge from what was once an icon of industrial evolution into a place of natural beauty made for all to enjoy on a daily basis. The park is open daily from 6:00 am until 10:00 pm and is a popular destination for ceremonies, receptions and large gatherings due to its spacious boundaries and intriguing views. Gas Works Park still hosts visible remnants of its days as a center of industry, but now they are integrated into the greater theme of the park which is to provide a space to enjoy, entertain and educate those that come to spend time here. 

A Place to Enjoy

Today, Gas Works Park is as much a destination where history is contained as it is a place to come and spend time with family and friends. Ample green spaces make this a wonderful destination for an afternoon picnic while walkers, bikers and joggers can make the most of meticulously maintained pathways that maze throughout the grounds. Beautiful views of the water and distant downtown skyline make Gas Works Park a great place to bring the camera for those with a passion for photography.

Gas Works Park Seattle

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