Ballard Farmers Market

Surrounded by beautiful waterways, lush foliage and towering mountains, Seattle, Washington is a city with unending and undeniably spectacular views. While these sights are made to admire, it’s these very same natural features that contribute to the rich soil in the Pacific Northwest. When you’re in Seattle for a visit, there’s no place better to enjoy the fruits of the earth than a trip to the Ballard Farmers Market. Fresh, fun and full of flavor, a stop at the Ballard Farmers Market is an experience that’s sure to please visitors of all ages.

A Tradition of Taste

The Ballard Farmers Market first opened in 2000 and has since continued to enchant visitors through a display of fresh fruits and vegetables that’s vast, varied and always delicious. The market is a year-round event and is held rain or shine, which means it’s worth keeping an umbrella close by when you venture out in the Emerald City. The Ballard Farmers Market stretches from Ballard Avenue to 22nd Avenue and is only closed on Christmas Day. This highly popular market opens up on Sundays beginning at 10:00 am and continues to offer up its many goods and services to visitors through 3:00 pm. The central location of the Ballard Farmers Market means its easily accessible by bike and foot for those in the habit of looking for eco-friendly ways to travel. Guests who do arrive by car will enjoy free-metered parking on all surrounding side streets in honor of this infamous market.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

The Ballard Farmers Market was designed as a family-friendly event that would provide small farms and local artists to highlight their products to the urban masses. The market was also established with the goal of creating a neighborhood feel in a large city. The Ballard Farmers Market is viewed as a common space for people of many different backgrounds, cultures, and languages to come together in the name of fresh food and locally grown goods. The consistency of the market’s schedule means it’s a place people can depend on in Seattle to remain a constant within a quickly evolving city.

Ballard Market

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