Alki Point Lighthouse

Seattle is well-loved for its many fascinating features. From underground city tours to elegant restaurants and the museums, galleries andparks in between, there’s truly something for every traveler that heads to the Pacific Northwest in the name of exploration and adventure. But perhaps the most defining feature Seattle boasts is its pristine shoreline. Seattle has long been an epicenter of maritime culture and to this day acts a major port city with all the extras that define a city built around the land and sea. When you’re here and looking for a close up look at Seattle’s coastal role, be sure to schedule a visit to the Alki Point Lighthouse.

Navigational Icons

While many trips to lighthouses across the U.S. are a mere look into a past that serves to remind, the Alki Point Lighthouse is a fully-functioning navigational beacon that’s open to the public for tours. Even more impressive is the fact that this lighthouse is one of eight that dot the Puget Sound and work to assist vessels in their safe arrival and departure. The lighthouse is situated on a U.S. Coast Guard Site but doesn’t require an employee to function properly as the structure is fully automated. The Alki Point Lighthouse sits near Alki Beach and is easily identifiable by its stark white façade and vibrant red roof.  The lighthouse has been open since 1913, though several times improvements have been made to keep it up to date. In 1962 the old Fresnel lens was replaced by a modern optic device, and in 1984 it was fully automated.

When to Visit the Alki Point Lighthouse

Tours of the Alki Point Lighthouse are available to visitors exclusively during the summer months. Parking is readily available at the lighthouse and those that visit should be prepared to climb and encounter several uneven surfaces. The lighthouse is made up of two landings with one sitting under the ships ladder and the other near the top of the structure. Children under 6-years-old can climb to the first landing with an accompanying adult. The top of the lighthouse is accessible by a spiral metal ladder which leads to incredible, panoramic water views. A visit to the Alki Point Lighthouse is an eye-opening experience in what it takes to protect the coastline and vessels that travel nearby. It is an amazing feat of innovative technology based on a very traditional maritime past.

Seattle Lights the Way

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