A Helpful Guide to Finding the Perfect City Trail in Seattle

Seattle, Washington is a beautiful city that tucks a bustling environment into a stunning natural setting. Hiking and biking are outdoor hobbies that many people enjoy to the fullest. It’s probably one of the reasons you chose to come stay at your Seattle vacation rental home.
Seattle has a plethora of trails and outdoor adventures. Here is a sampling of a few trails that are rated highly amongst Emerald City locals:

Discovery Park
Discovery Park is located next to the peninsular Magnolia neighborhood in Seattle and has 534 acres of natural area. Talk about scenic; the park overlooks Puget Sound and features views of the Cascade and Olympic mountains. It includes two miles of protected tidal beaches, a picturesque lighthouse, open meadow lands, dramatic sea cliffs, forest groves, active sand dunes, thickets, and streams. What’s not to love? Discovery Park provides an open space to observe wildlife and enjoy the outdoors stress-free.

Des Moines Creek Park Trail
Des Moines Creek Park Trail (otherwise known as South SeaTac) offers six miles of out and back paved trail for biking enthusiasts. This trail follows along a creek and can be used by both bikers and hikers. At the north end there are also four miles of rugged mountain bike trails. Accessible year round, the De Moines Creek Park Trail is loved by many.

Foster Island Trail
The family-friendly Foster Island Trail features a two-mile loop trail that is great for all hiking skill levels. A shimmering lake is surrounded by a number of activity options that are accessible year round. This park is not only family-friendly, but also dog-friendly (though pups must be kept on a leash).

Beautiful scenery all around, Seward Park features 300 acres of forest land. Located in southeast Seattle in a neighborhood with the same name, this park is the home to eagles’ nests, old forest growth, and native plant gardens. It features 2.4 miles of biking and walking paths as well as an amphitheater, art studio, shoreline, and beaches. Unlike most parks, Seward Park offers plenty of activity options that are ideal for the whole family.

These parks are loved by many locals and visitors. Each park is located within Seattle, Washington and is accessible year round, which makes them all easy to access no matter when you visit Seattle. Any or all would be perfect for your morning or evening run or a day out with the kids.

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